Grade School Department


Admission and Re-Admission
                 Admission to Pilar College (Grade School Department) Lower Bed is granted with a definite understanding that the pupil and his parents or guardian agree in writing to comply with the scholastic standards of the school and its rules and regulations.
                The school deserves the right, whenever necessary and expedient to treat violations of the school rules and regulations in accordance with the Christian system of discipline and guidance. The right to dismiss any pupil for poor scholastic work or school conduct unbecoming of a Pilarist is likewise reserved to the school authorities.


Admission Requirements for New Pupils and Transferees
                Admission to the (Grade School Department) Lower Bed depends on the credentials presented, examination results and interview of the applicant.




1. Junior Kinder- At least 4 years old by October of the school year
2. Senior Kinder- At least 5 years old by October of the school year
3. Birth certificate
4. 3 pieces 1” x 1” picture
5. Report card for Senior kindergarten pupils who have enrolled in Junior Kindergarten
Grade I-V
1. Satisfactory ratings in all subjects from the first to the last grading period with a general average of 80% and above with no failing grades in any subject.
2. Birth Certificate
3. 3 pieces 1”x1” picture
4. Certificate of Good Moral Charcter
5. Report Card
Grade VI
1. High scholastic rating and valid reason for transfer may be considered for admission

(NOTE: limited slots for new pupils in Grade VI)
A. Preschool- Mental Ability Test (English)
B. Grades I- VI Satisfactory ratings in Mental Ability


Kindergarten-Grade VI- applicant should obtain a favorable evaluation from the interviewer.


I. Pupils who transferred to other schools or dropped and would like to come back may be re-admitted by passing the norms and admission for new pupils.


Pre-School to Grade VI pupils are groped heterogeneously. However the top 15 pupils are grouped together in one section.

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