International Hospitality Management Program



Build a strong Ignacian-Marian educational community, globally competitive and committed to the total formation of young men and women for the service of others



Promote education and empower young men and women in the realms of hospitality and tourism with greater emphasis on the harmonious development of moral, spiritual and intellectual virtues.

General Objectives:

 The IHMP Department aims to produce hospitality and tourism students who:

  1. Exhibit the core values of Marian Ignacian spirituality.
  2. Exude confidence, competence and warmth in serving the needs of clientele both locally and internationally.
  3. Manifest solid character and moral integrity in the promotion of justice and uprightness
  4. Possess a strong sense of nationalism and pride in Filipino heritage.
  5. Show a willing spirit for volunteerism and altruism.


Specific objectives:

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM)

The course aims to equip men and women with sound and function principles in the operation and management of hotels, restaurants and related hospitality institutions. Students are prepared for dynamic leadership and participation in the hospitality industry through enhanced knowledge and skills inculcated from formal instruction, culinary laboratory hands-on experience, internship through local and international linkages and Christian discipline.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism (BST)

The course aims to equip students with an increased appreciation of the varied cultures and environment globally. Basic skills in travel management with emphasis on tour packaging and operation, tourism marketing, convention and exhibit management shall be promoted through local environs, international linkages and Christian discipline.

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