Health Services

The Pilar College Clinic aims to monitor the health and safety of the student and personnel. It acts as the center of health in the school campus. It
gives primary emphasis on health promotion, maintenance, accident/disease prevention, immediate care and follow-up.


The following are the services of the school clinic:
1. Annual medical and dental check-up of students and personnel
2. Daily consultation on health problem.
3. Conducts Health information dissemination to students and personnel.
4. Renders first aid treatment in case of emergency.
5. Transport patients to the nearest hospital those with serious health problem.


1. New students are required to undergo laboratory examinations such as urinalysis/ fecalysis, and chest x-ray upon enrollment. (Applicable to higher
    BED students)
2. Students with health problems are advised to visit the school clinic for proper management.
3. Students allowed to stay in the confinement room for only 15-30 minutes; if needs further rest student is allowed to go home.
4. The School clinic gives only initial care or first aid measures.
5. Only over the counter drugs are given in the school clinic.
6. Parents/guardians should fetch their children those with order of may go home.


Guidelines for Parents:
• Students who are not feeling well especially those who are with communicable diseases are excused from their classes; however, they have to               present medical certificate upon reporting to class.
• Over the counter medications are given during emergency cases.
• During emergency cases, parents are notified of the student’s condition and they are supposed to personally fetch the students from the school clinic.
• Only authorized and trusted adults should accompany the sick children home. Sick children with no authorized adult to accompany them home are         not allowed to go out from the campus.
• In cases in which the students are with continuous medication, parents should leave the medicine in the school clinic and should inform the school         nurse of the medication regimen.
• For students who are known to be asthmatic, emergency drugs such as sprays are to be deposited in the clinic for emergency use during the attack.


Guidelines for Students:
• Students are not allowed to stay in the school clinic not unless they are sick.
• Students are not accepted in the school clinic without obtaining a clinic slip from the Prefect of Discipline or from the Principal except in emergency         cases.
• Eating and unnecessary talking inside the confinement room is strictly prohibited.
• Over the counter medications are only given during emergency cases.
• Using Cellular phones for texting and other purposes are not permitted inside the premises except in emergency cases. If possible, no visitors                allowed during the patients’ confinement in the clinic.



Clinic Hours:
Physician    8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. (twice a week)
Dentist        3:00 p.m. – 5:00p.m. (Tuesday and Thursday)
Nurse          7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.