High School Department




  1. To continue to promote the objectives of elementary education, but shifting in emphasis from the mastery of basic tools of learning, expression, and understanding to use and extension of the tools for further exploring and acquiring intellectual, social moral and physical concepts, ideals, attitudes and skills in order to develop the whole human being.
  2. To discover and enhance, in addition, the different aptitudes and interest of the individual student so as to equip him/her with skills for productive endeavor and thus prepare him/her for work in the real world and or for further formal studies in higher education

            This provision is based Section 22 of BP 232

Beginning where elementary education left off, secondary education prepares student for the demands of higher education. Broadly stated, it aims to achieve maximum development of the adolescent  to make him/her effective and efficient the roles that he/she will play in the different social groups to which to which he/she belongs, whether in the academe or in the work force.

Secondary education ensures (1) the development of the cultural, socio-civic, physical, moral and spiritual aspects of the individual; (2) the development of his/ her sense  of membership in a national community; (3) the development of his/her sense of membership and work skills; and (4) the development of his/her values.

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