Information Technology Program


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program prepares to be proficient in designing IT solutions. Knowledge and skills in different areas such as programming methodology, data and database administration, web design, multimedia development and operating system are developed with emphasis given to sound software engineering concepts and techniques.


Develop globally competitive IT professionals who shall significantly contribute to the essential role of technology in the holistic building and progress of industries.


Equip the ITE students with solid underlying technical principles, experience and computer ethics through various IT projects management programs among public and private organizations with greater emphasis on proactive social responsiveness and Marian-Ignacian values.


All it students must meet the following requirements:

1. Only a grade of 80% shall be considered a passing mark for the following courses. Hence, grades lower than 80% will be repeated. 

            a. System Analysis and Design

            b. Capstone Project/Research 1

            c. Capstone Project/Research 2

            d. OJT/Practicum

2. A first or second year student who gets three (3) failing marks in any subject in a semester will be subject to probation on the next semester. More than (3) failing marks will disqualify the students from the Program.

3. Probation and termination are applied to academic as well as behavioral performance.

4. A student under probation is required to improve his/her academic or behavioral performance by means of regular attendance and passing grades for all his/her subjects. Failure to comply with this requirement will disqualify the students from the Program.

5. Probation and termination due to gross misconduct apply to all students in all year levels.

transferee and shifters

1. Only grades of  80% and above will be credited if earned from other schools.

2. Students under probation or has shifted from other programs will only be given one (1) semester of probation provided he/she has no failing grades of more than three (3) subjects from the previous program.