New Normal in Tertiary Department

Pilar College of Zamboanga City, Inc. pioneered in the Education Ministry in Zamboanga City and its neighboring provinces in providing education to students from all walks of life. The events in the past, like the World War II, did not hinder the Institution to serve the needs of the students. Similarly, the pandemic health crisis brought about by the CoViD has caused uncertainties to our life globally, nationally and locally and specifically to the Educational Institutions. In the same manner, this crisis will not stop Pilar College to fulfill its mission to provide transformative, quality Ignacian Marian Education to its clientele.


The New Normal has taken us into a paradigm shift from the traditional face to face classroom instruction to Flexible Learning/Distance Education. As an alternative to traditional instruction, Pilar College of Zamboanga City, Inc. offers the Flexible Learning or the so- called Blended Teaching-Learning Process Modality.

In the delivery of instruction, the objective of the institution is to address the needs of every individual student in terms of internet connectivity. Hence, their classification in   three categories, namely:

 1) without connectivity (students who do not have internet access, mobile devices, and other related resources at home)- they will be provided with Learning Packets/Modules which will be picked-up in school

2) with limited connectivity (students who have irregular internet access but have at least mobile device with messaging capability at home)- they will be provided with Asynchronous online teaching through emails, SMS, etc.. This is to ensure students can download instructions, learning goals/objectives, learning tasks at any time, wherever they may be; and

3) with connectivity (students who have stable internet access, mobile devices, and other related resources at home)-they will be provided online teaching through Synchronous engagement

In the survey that was conducted for our students, it was revealed that mostly fall under category 2. Hence, it was decided to conduct the online class and also provide them all with the course packets which will be picked-up at the gymnasium of the school by parents or guardians.

The school will primarily use Google Classroom (GC) as LMS, but will not prevent its teachers from using other tools with respect to their academic freedom. Teachers will be provided with IT infrastructures and underwent necessary IT training to be able to prepare educational materials such as learning/course packets, video aided materials etc. and come up with different modes of instructional delivery.



As we embark ourselves into the so called New Normal, other concerns and issues are expected to surface. We all know that what we have into right now is something new to everyone. Though we already have heard about Distance Learning in the past, and we know that it had already been practiced, it is different as to what we have now in terms of its wave and scope. Pilar College shall continue to address concerns and issues as they surface, find means and ways to always better its service.

5 thoughts on “New Normal in Tertiary Department”

  1. Amidst the pandemic the teachers did not fail to meet their/us students. They exerted efforts and continue to teach us the best they can. Thank you teachers of PCZC!♥️

  2. Pilar College of Zamboanga City totally prepared for the new normal set up.

  3. Mary Frances B. Verar says:

    let’s get use to the new normal in these times.

  4. ANDY says:

    I’m really happy and satisfied with the teachers of my different subjects, I learn a lot in the different topics that the teachers had discuss, and i also learned how to be responsible and useful in the society were I live, because of the nstp subject.

  5. Laika Alondra R. Ruz says:

    The New Normal Set-up of PCZC is very satisfying that it helps us students to learn effectively despite the difficulties we are facing right now.

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