Spiritual Services

Besides the Christian Living subject that is offered in all levels, the school provides services for spiritual consultation and counseling on matters of faith and morals.

Other services are masses, penitential rites, recollections, First Friday Mass devotion, prayer sessions, First Communion and Confirmation.




Campus Ministry


1. The Sacred Liturgy

The Sacred Liturgy especially the Eucharist, Sacrifice of Christ’s Body and Blood is the means by which one can show his/her love for God and thus grow in Christian Living. As a Pilarist, the Eucharist is the chief source and center of community Christian living. Christ always invites each one to offer his/her life daily in union with Him in the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Altar, and frequently to meet Him by receiving His Body and Blood in the great Sacrament. For these purposes, community masses are held for different groups at various times. Individual or group visits to the Blessed Sacraments in the chapel is encouraged at all times.



2. Reconciliation: Friendship with Christ

Because of God’s love, He has given everyone another chance to establish union with Him by asking His forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This is needed by all. Every time sorrow for sins is fervently expressed, God not only forgives but also forgets offenses against Him.



3. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady freely responding to God’s invitation to be the Mother of his only beloved Son has made possible the Incarnation of the Word. Therefore, out of gratitude and as a student of Pilar everyone is enjoined to have devotion to such an exemplary woman.



4. Other Religious Activities

To intensify more one’s daily growth in Christian living, a spiritual retreat is made each year by graduating students. Recollections are graduating students are scheduled within each school year.