Irene Pungutan-Tillah

It was in the year 1972 that I was admitted as Grade VI pupil at Pilar College until I finished my high school education in 1976. The RVM Educational System had equipped me with the knowledge, skills and attitude in preparation to reach higher educational goals in life. It has served as a foundation in developing my leadership potential, positivity, resilience, empowerment, interpersonal skills and the will to reach success with patience and prayers. As inspired by our school hymn that states, โ€œThe Pilarists will strive to do whateverโ€™s good and trueโ€, it has been my aspiration to serve my community with utmost sincerity and provide quality service. Hence, I thank the RVM Sisters, our teachers and staff for a job well done in instilling in us positive values as we surpass continuously various challenges in life.