Linda Rose P. Solis

Pilar College holds a special place in my heart. I first set foot in Pilar when I was still 5 years old where both of my parents are working as the school driver and canteen cook. Through my parents, I had the privilege to finish my studies from primary to college education and even got the opportunity to worked as a college secretary for 3 years. The Ignacian-Marian values of faith, excellence, and service guided me to attain what I have achieved right now. Serving others with humility and love is something that I have carried with me since I left Pilar College as shown in my active participation as volunteer in the outreach programs of a Foundation I am part of. I will always be grateful for all the values, knowledge, learnings, friendships, and memories gained throughout the years I spent in my alma mater. Thank you Pilar College. Praised be Jesus and Mary. Now and forever.