Warmest Welcome to our new School President

SY 2020-2021 has brought in new leadership is Pilar College where the newly assigned president is S. Maria Preciosa M. Rusiana, RVM.

S. Rusiana is a transitional leader who loves to communicate clearly, simply and frequently her dreams/vision for the school. She is a dynamic forward-looking leader who constantly calls for unity in Pilar College to catapult it to where God wants it to be through transformative Ignacian Marian education. In every pursuit she makes, she stresses her point with her favorite line, “with God nothing is impossible, together, we can work as a team to make God’s great dreams for Pilar College a reality.

She is dedicated to her call and shows genuine interest in the growth of every personnel. She has manifested concerns for each employee trying to know each one to the very core of their being insofar as relationship with one another is concerned that she may know them best in her quest to make Pilar College a closely-knitted family in the service of God and mankind. Indeed, she is an effective leader in this time of crisis.

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