Exploring the Five Pillars of Ignacian Spirituality with Mother Corazon Agda, RVM


In today’s fast-paced world, where distractions and material pursuits often take center stage, finding a sense of purpose and spiritual fulfilment can be a challenging endeavor. However, there are timeless and profound teachings that continue to guide individuals on a path towards deeper spirituality and self-discovery.

Pilar College of Zamboanga City, Inc. welcomed Mother Corazon Agda, RVM, a dedicated spiritual leader of the Religious Virgin Mary (RVM) when she came to facilitate a transformative 2-day seminar on “The Five Pillar of Ignacian Spirituality” with the selected Administrators, Program Heads and Coordinators.

She tackled the first day of the seminar with great compassion as she introduced “The Five Pillars of Ignacian Spirituality” to wit:

1.    Simplification – Embracing the Essentials

In a world filled with excess and noise, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. Ignacian spirituality encourages us to declutter our lives by focusing only on the essentials. By stripping away distractions, we create space for a more profound connection with God and a clearer understanding of our life’s purpose.

2.    Exemplification of Loving and Humble Service – Following the Way of Jesus

The second pillar delves into the heart of humble service, echoing the teachings of Jesus Christ. Mother Corazon Agda, RVM guides participants in understanding how serving others with love and humility are reflection of God’s presence in our lives. Through selfless acts of kindness and compassion, we emulate the very essence of Jesus’ teachings, fostering a sense of unity and empathy with those we encounter.

3.    Diligence in Works and Prayer – Balancing the Secular and the Sacred

Finding the right balance between our daily responsibilities and our spiritual life can be a challenge. Mother Corazon Agda, RVM shows us how Ignacian spirituality emphasizes the importance of diligence in both our worldly endeavors and our prayer life. By integrating prayer into our daily routines and approaching our work with a spirit of excellence, we transform the mundane into a sacred act.

4.    Integrity – Living in Authenticity

To live an authentic life, one must align their actions with their values and beliefs. This pillar encourages participants to reflect on their choices, discern their true desires, and live with integrity in all aspects of life. By doing so, we not only honor our own dignity but also serve as a beacon of light and inspiration to others.

5.    Martyrdom in Daily Life – Embracing Sacrifice for a Greater Purpose

The fourth pillar explores the concept of martyrdom in daily life, not in the traditional sense of physical sacrifice, but in the willingness to set aside our personal desires and comforts for a greater purpose. Mother Corazon Agda, RVM teaches us how Ignacian spirituality encourages us to discern what we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of our faith and the betterment of others. This pillar challenges us to be courageous in our commitments and to stand firm in our values.

On the second day of the said event, the participants, with enthusiastic spirit, were able to creatively and overpoweringly demonstrate “The Five Pillars of Ignacian Spirituality” and gave justice on their given task with an incredible output.

Indeed, Mother Agda’s teachings on “The Five Pillars of Ignacian Spirituality” offer a profound opportunity for individuals to deepen their spirituality, find purpose, and lead lives of meaning. Through the exploration of simplification, humble service, diligence, martyrdom, and integrity, the participants gained valuable insights and practical tools for navigating the complexities of modern life while remaining rooted in their faith and love for God.

by: Manilyn M. Dela Serna

      OIC, IT Program Head



“The Five Pillars of Spirituality” authored by Mo. Corazon Agda, RVM